Judgy Judgerton

Judging people. Yuck! People judging me, double yuck.
First I want to tell on myself….yes, let’s get that out of the way. I judge people, I do. However, typically I see someone or something and try and figure out they’re current situation. Once I get to this place I try and bring an open mind to that path that led them there. I hope for them peace and inner happiness.

Let me give you an example. I’ll see another human being standing on the side of the road pan handling, (please excuse me if my verbiage isn’t politically correct). I am instantly sad for them because in my mind, people reach that point through either addiction or mental illness (this is me judging). I do realize that this is not ALWAYS the case, but to me, it is the commonality.

From there, I don’t judge them on their path itself. My next thought is, (“but for the grace of {my} God, there go I”). I don’t know that persons path. I don’t know how or why they became an addict, or how long they have suffered that mental illness or what brought them there to that place with that sign. I am an addict. A recovering addict. I know that I am not above them. We are equals. Two Humans with hearts and tears. The thing that separates us is our choices. I choose recovery and everything that goes along with that. As for them, if I am correct about my “judgment”, I choose to believe they haven’t made it there yet. A lot of times addiction is a symptom of mental illness or mental illness the symptom of the addiction. Lastly, I sent them positive vibes. I smile and wave sincerely, maybe even say a little prayer for them. So there you go, I told on myself. I judge and then retract and do my best to take the high road.

I know how it feels to be judged, I’m sure we all do. It doesn’t feel good. I’m judged because I am a recovering addict (in which I wouldn’t change one iota). I’m judged because I can be a little hard on my littles when they get out of hand (but guess what, they are polite, well behaved and kind children most all of the time). I’m judged on my hair, my clothes, the company I keep and the fact that I ride a motorcycle. All of these things make me who I am today and I a proud of that. I am honest, and kind and polite. I am caring and worry about peoples feelings before my own. I stop and ask the elderly if they need help when the opportunity presents itself. I’m also fun and I love to laugh and be goofy. Just because I don’t drink and party doesn’t mean I don’t have a good time because I do.

People teach their kids to judge, to bully and to be mean. It breaks down the soul of both parties. I’m irritated with people who judge today. I’m a good person. I do my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We all have choices, we all make mistakes. Get to know someone before you think you know them or their story. We are all human. We should all be created equal. We laugh, we cry, we love, we lose. So smile at every one you see today. Look down only if you’re helping someone up. You are not better than me and I’m not better than you. We are equals, we are human.

If someone hasn’t told you they love you today, I do. I love you. You are loveable, no matter what.


About kotokb

To sum it up somewhat quickly, I am passionate about my spiritual journey. I am floating through life with the intention of staying open, developing meaningful relationships and being true to me. I am a Mom of two beautiful children. These two are my world..."my littles". I identify as a Lesbian. I identify as a democrat. I identify as a recovering addict alcoholic. Most of all I identify as a Powerful, Radiant, Spiritual, Healing Woman of Light. This blog will serve as a journal of sorts....for strangers to read. I appreciate comments and feedback as I do my best to sparkle my way through this beautiful and sometimes twisted life. I'm new to the blog world so be patient as I discover my way and learn more about this and hopefully myself. Thank you.
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